the beginning

my love of words and writing began when my mother handed me my first poetry book at eleven years old. since then, i’ve gone from reading and absorbing the world to writing my very own stories - in an attempt to gain understanding on the world around me. if you are interested in my journey and widening your perspective, have a look through my collection and feel free to particpate with whatever speaks to you. i'm glad to have you here. stay as long as you would like.

featured collections

    Testimonial by Julie Eng, English Professor at Smithfield

    “Jaziyyah's writing is, as ever, beautiful, touching, bittersweet, and thought-provoking. I loved reading every single poem and now will spend days and weeks lingering over each one, enjoying each of his carefully crafted and phrased poems. This collection is a lyrical exploration of the soul — in all its pains and victories.”